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Acid Proof Refractories
Manufacturer & Exporter of acid proof refractories from India.
Allen Refractories Company
Specialists in sales, engineering, and installations.
A manufacturer of monolithic refractories and services for the foundry, steel, aluminum, and copper industries in Africa. An affiliate of Allied Mineral Products, Inc
Brick1 Wholesale Refractory Products
A worldwide supplier of wholesale refractories and refractory products.
China Haicheng Xin Rong Group Co.,Ltd
Producer of magnesia refractories, high grade synthetic refractories, unshaped refractories and magnesia bricks. China
CSM Engineers
We provide acid resistant refractories, refractory repair, compact demolition of tall structures, corrosion prevention, RC storage domes, flue gas desulphurisation equipment, heavy lifting/lowering, rack and pinion mini hoists/elevators/lifts, hydraulic machines, refinery maintenance, silos,and tunnels.
Fedmet Resources Corporation
A worldwide supplier of refractories and refractory products.
Foress International
Refractory products from India, such as, industrial minerals, refractory bricks, monolithics, special insulating products, and refractory raw materials.
Indian Refdractory Makers Association
IRMA is the national forum for the refractory manufacturers in India supplying alumina, silica, basic, special refractories for use in construction and operation of steel, cement, glass furnaces, petro-chemicals, etc.
Indoflogates - Minerels, Ores & Refractory Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers from India, indian business exporters importers manufacturers trade yellow pages directory. Belongs to S.K.Bajoria Group, Calcutta

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