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Which Type of Smoke Detector Should You Install? Photo-Electric or Ionization?

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Smoke detectors are an essential part of any home safety kit, and they are actually required by law in many parts of the world, including Australia and some US states. Installing a smoke detector is easy and relatively painless, so there is little excuse for not spending money on a device that could easily save your life and the lives of your family.


However, many people are genuinely confused by smoke detectors because they come in different shapes, sizes and forms. Different smoke detectors work in different ways and the two main types – photo-electric and ionization – have different benefits and drawbacks. So which type should you install?


What’s the difference between photo-electric and ionization smoke detectors?

Ionization smoke detectors are the older form of smoke detectors, and they work by combustibles ionizing particles within the detector, which disrupts the flow of current in the detector and causes the alarm to sound. Photo-electric smoke detectors work by ‘seeing’ the smoke: photo-electric detectors aim a reflected beam of light and when smoke particles prevent the light from reflecting, the alarm sounds.


Why do some authorities recommend having both detectors?
Some fire authorities recommend that homeowners have both types of detectors in their home because they each detect a different type of fire better than the other. Ionization smoke detectors are slightly better than photo-electric smoke detectors at detecting flaming (non-smoldering) fires, and photo-electric smoke detectors are vastly better than ionization smoke detectors at detecting smoldering fires. Both types of fire are common in house fires, with smoldering fires particularly noted in common scenarios like a cigarette setting fire to a piece of upholstery.


It is generally agreed that photo-electric smoke detectors on the whole perform better, but fire departments often encourage homeowners to hedge their bets by buying both kinds of alarm.


Is one type truly better than the other?
If you were to have only one type of smoke detector, most experts would recommend choosing a photo-electric smoke detector. This is for a variety of reasons. Firstly, they are not as prone to false alarms as ionization smoke detectors and therefore they cause less annoyance. Secondly, photo-electric smoke detectors are better at detecting smoldering fires, which are the kind of fires most likely to break out when you are asleep (and therefore when you are in the most need of a fire alarm).


Smoldering fires can spread slowly over hours without detection before suddenly fully igniting and bursting into flames: by this point, it is often too late for homeowners to escape. On average, ionization alarms sound 30 minutes later than photo-electric during smoldering fires: a huge amount of time that can be the difference between life and death. It is for this reason that the Australian state of Victoria, for example, recommends the use of photo-electric smoke detectors as they are “more likely to alert occupants in time to escape safely”.


If you are looking to professionally install photo-electric smoke detectors in your home or business, check out Corospark Electrical. Corospark is a leading Sydney based electrical company that offers a range of smoke detectors at unbelievable prices.

3 Ways to Better Secure your Business

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

You have built your business from the ground up, and this is the main thing you should be concerned about, right? Wrong! You have also helped the business grow, with promotions and right-on-time marketing strategies, that’s it, right? Wrong again!

There are so many concerns for your already established business and protecting that investment is one of the largest issues you have to face. Since you put all that time and money into building your dream, you should put your time to work, protecting that dream and continue to nourish the company in the process. There are documents to protect, employees to insure. The third phase of having a successful business is taking care of your assets.


Passwords and Their Importance

Passwords are important, and you know that, but did you know that passwords can potentially hold the key to the life or death of the business?  I bet you have several different passwords to various places on the internet, and if so, you probably do not even know half of them. If you do know your passwords, then how secure are these locks?

Creating an inconvenient password for you means putting a brick wall before your enemy. For those who wish to steal company secrets, this irritating password will be the very thing to deter them. Let them try for hours to decode your security system, it just isn’t happening. Take your time, find the most inconvenient password for yourself and virtually block every online thief in their tracks. When your company is fully protected by this move, you will understand the importance of the password and the role it plays in business security.

Security Cameras

Sure, it’s the oldest tool around, but it works. Say you have an incident that occurred when you were out. With the tape from the security camera, you can see detail by detail, what occurred within the establishment while you were away.  If money is missing, the thief can be caught on camera. If merchandise is stolen, the criminal can be swiftly brought to justice. With the security camera, you can save your business from failure, due to many reasons. Basically, the security camera is a way to see when there are no human eyes available.

Security cameras can be placed out in the open or they can be concealed. Some businesses, believe it or not, prefer the cameras to be left out in the open to deter criminals from doing the deed. Other businesses, however, rather play incognito and catch the bandit red handed. Whatever is preferred, the security camera is one of the best ways to secure the business.

Erase Hard drive Evidence

At some point, your company will need to invest in a new computer or copy machine. When this happens, you should take care to erase the hard drive. The hard drive of the computer holds useful information which could ultimately destroy your identity and company. Copy machines, when making reproductions of documents, store this information in their hard drives as well. Information that can be found in these machines include: military documents, personal finances and medical records. All this information is very personal and can be used to steal your identity. This is why both copiers and computers will need to be wiped before thrown out.

You love your business and you enjoy the fruits of your labor. After building your business and while watching it grow, make sure you fully protect your gold mine. If not, you may watch all your hard work go to waste. Secure the business and continue to be fulfilled by your success!

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